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Internet Librarian International, 27 & 28 October 2011, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK
 Navigating the new normal — strategies for success

Internet Librarian International 2011 - Speaker List
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Jo Alcock, Birmingham City University
Kevin Anderson
Penny Bailey, Bailey Solutions
Madeline Barratt, Public Libraries, London Borough of Enfield London Libraries Consortium
Sara Batts, SLA Europe President Special Library Association Europe
Jennifer Baxmeyer, Princeton University
Graham Beastall, Soutron
Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services [United Kingdom]
Jenifer Bond, Bryant University
Sharon L Bostick Ph.D, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Phil Bradley, Information Specialist and Independent Consultant
Thomas Brevik, Bookboat/Main library, Lindaas Public Library
Steven Buchanan, University of Strathclyde
Claire Bundy, Open Repository, BioMed Central
Tracy Byerly, Missouri Library Corporation
Paul Byfield, Office of the General Counsel, EBRD
Frank Cervone, Cervone and Associates
Kayo Chang, Bahrain Polytechnic
Alex Chapel, Global Knowledge, KPMG
Suw Charman-Anderson
Lisa Charnock, Intute
Maria Cotera, African Prisons Project
Trevor A Dawes, Washington University in St Louis
Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates
Agnieszka Dlugosz, Jagiellonian University
Julio dos Anjos, INCITE: Associação Portuguesa para a Gestão da Informação
Jodie Double, University of Leeds
Robin Dresel, Public Libraries Singapore, National Library Board Singapore
Christian Ducharme, W3line
Tom Edmonds, Eduserv
Lorraine Estelle, JISC Collections Ltd
Jenny Evans, Imperial College London
Cathrine L. Fjeldstad, Gjøvik University College
Nicola Franklin, The Library Career Centre Ltd
Dean Frey, Red Deer Public Library
Willow Fuchs, University of Nottingham
Jean-François Füeg, Ministry of Culture - Department of public libraries
Gary Green, Surrey County Council Library Service
Rurik Thomas Greenall, NTNU
Ruth Harrison, Imperial College London
Tony Hirst, Department of Communication and Systems, The Open University
Athena Hoeppner, University of Central Florida Libraries
Ceri Hughes, Global Knowledge, KPMG
Terence Huwe, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California - Berkeley
András Kardos,
Brian Kelly, Cetis, University of Bolton
Peter Kiraly, National Library of Hungary
Pavlinka Kovatcheva, University of Johannesburg
Feda Kulenovic, Peace Support Operations Training Centre BiH and Reading for Ubuntu (
Laszlo Ladi, National Library of Hungary
Andy Land, University of Manchester
Alexandre Lemaire, Ministry of Culture - Department of Public Libraries
Hugh Look, Rightscom Ltd
David McMenemy, University of Strathclyde
Alison McNab, Kimberlin Library, University of Nottingham
Åke Nygren, Stockholm Public Libraries
Marydee Ojala, Online Searcher magazine
Michael Pacurar, Euromonitor International
Dave Pattern, University of Huddersfield
Mary Peterson, South Australia Health Library Service
Cecilia Petersson, Uppsala University Library
Jennifer Phillips-Bacher, Wellcome Library, Wellcome Trust
Rob Pike, Knowledge Management & Exploitation, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory MBPsS
Stephen Prince, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Joanna Ptolomey, Joanna Ptolomey Information Services
Beatrice Pulliam, Providence College
Dave Puplett, London School of Economics
David Raitt
Bryony Ramsden, University of Huddersfield
Bethan Ruddock, MIMAS, University of Manchester
Donna Saxby, Kingham Hill School
Monique Schutterop, Gale Cengage
Beccy Shipman, University of Leeds
Howard Stanbury, Unlimited Priorities Corporation
Michael Stephens, San Jose State University & Tame the Web
Owen Stephens, Owen Stephens Consulting
Andy Tattersall, ScHARR University of Sheffield
Anji Taylor, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Klaus Tochtermann, Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, University of Kiel and Professor of Computer Media
Linda Vidlund, Uppsala University Library
Arthur Weiss, AWARE
Andrew Woolfson, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (UK)
Kate Worlock, Outsell
Magdalena Wójcik, Jagiellonian University
Karen Marie Øvern, Gjøvik University College
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