The Innovation and Technology Conference for Information Professionals
29 October 2012
30-31 October 2012
olympia conference centre
london, uk
Re-imagine, Renew, Reboot: Innovating for Success

Monday 29 October 2012
W1 - WebSearch Academy
10.00 – 17.00
, Information Specialist and Independent Consultant
, Online Searcher magazine

Sharpen your search skills, keep up with the changing web world and learn the vital elements of effective research at WebSearch Academy. WebSearch Academy offers the perfect opportunity to learn from world-class power searchers. This workshop will enhance your search creativity, provide essential information about changes in search engines, introduce new resources, and put it in context for serious researchers. Topics include

  • Search engine update
  • Alternative search engines
  • Social search
  • Niche sites – specific web resources for business, news and current events, science, technology, medical and people research
  • Strategising search

Phil Bradley provides training and consultancy on the use of the Internet for business, social and collaborative web tools, and on accessing and managing information resources.He speaks here in a personal capacity.

Marydee Ojala edits ONLINE Magazine, writes for information industry publications and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Arthur Weiss’ company, AWARE, is a UK based marketing and management consultancy that offers clients business support services that help them get the best from their resources.

W2 - Appropriating IT: innovative uses of emerging technologies
10.00 – 17.00
, Department of Communication and Systems, The Open University

Are you concerned that you are not maximising the potential of the many tools available to you? Do you know your mash-ups from your APIs? How are your data visualisation skills? Could you be using emerging technologies more imaginatively? What new technologies could you use to inspire, inform and educate your users? Learn about some of the most interesting emerging technologies and explore their potential for information professionals.

The workshop will combine a range of presentations and discussions about emerging information skills and techniques with some practical ‘makes’ to explore how a variety of free tools and applications can be appropriated and plugged together to create powerful information handling tools with few, if any, programming skills required.

Topics include:

  • Visualisation tools
  • Maps and timelines
  • Data wrangling
  • Social media hacks
  • Screenscraping and data liberation
  • Data visualisation

(If you would like to join in with the ‘makes’, please bring a laptop)

Tony Hirst, a lecturer at the Open University, is well known for his blog Martin Hawksey is a Learning Technology Adviser at JISC CETIS and blogs at

W3 - Successful collaboration: people, purpose and technology
10.00 – 17.00
, Intranet Focus Ltd and author of ‘Enterprise Search’

The business case for the implementation of collaboration technologies, notably Microsoft SharePoint, is that collaboration in the organisation is ‘not good enough’. However the risk is that simply implementing new technology will have little, if any, impact on organisational performance.

One of the problems is that ‘collaboration’ is used as a generic noun for a wide range of business activities. This workshop starts out by examining the ways in which people work together in organisations, and what makes the process of collaboration different to other team activities before looking in more detail at the elements of a collaboration strategy.

Topics include:

  • What makes ‘collaboration’ special?
  • Creating a collaboration ethos in an organisation
  • The core elements of collaboration technology
  • An overview of the main collaboration technologies, including SharePoint
  • Gaining user adoption of collaborative working approaches
  • Legal issues related to collaborative working

The workshop will combine a range of presentations and opportunities for participants to share success stories and challenges. One of the objectives of the workshop will be to give participants tools and techniques that they can use as soon as they get back to their organisations.

Martin White is Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd. As both a manager and a consultant he has been working collaboratively since the late 1970s, often across multiple business and national cultures. He therefore brings a substantial amount of personal experience as well as case studies from working in over 30 countries.

Networking Reception
SLA Europe Information Governance discussion and Networking Reception
Hilton Olympia Hotel
18.30 – 20.30

SLA Europe and Information Today, in partnership with EBSCO, are pleased to present an evening event to learn more about information governance and risk management. This will be followed by networking drinks, enabling Internet Librarian delegates to meet SLA Europe members to share experiences and discuss the hot topics of the day. Come along and kick-start Internet Librarian International by meeting your fellow ILI delegates and finding out more about SLA Europe.

Fake Histories of Information Risk
Robin Smith will demonstrate how myths and disasters shape the Information Risk Society

Robin is an established author, lecturer and data journalist for lean information management, enterprise risk management and business intelligence change strategies. He has over ten years’ experience in UK policing, health services and telecommunications. He is currently a member of BSI examining privacy management technologies and was formerly marketing director of the IRMS UK. Robin is completing his PhD in information risk and will publish ‘The Information Risk Management Reader’ in 2013.

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