Learn more about speaking at ILI

ILI - the library innovation conference - is where people come to share great stories of library innovation around the world. Our call for speakers has just opened and we want to encourage you and your colleagues to come along and tell us about your real-world projects, initiatives and transformations.

To help you, this infographic (left) gives you more information about ILI at a glance, and you can read more about the conference theme and topics here.

Mostly they do this by presenting a 15-minute case study and we match them with one or more other speakers to create a themed session, but we really are open to your ideas and we welcome alternative styles of presentation. For example,

•  Let us know if you have an idea for a panel session, or a mini-workshop
•  Would you be interested in sharing your experience with an informal group or one-to one?
•  Would you be interested in doing a lightning presentation?
•  Or running a TeachMeet?
•  Perhaps you could present an interactive demonstration of a library innovation?

We’d love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions. Submit here - the submissions deadline is 13 April 2018.


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