Introducing ILI's 2018 Keynotes

ILI is all about showcasing the innovation, expertise and resourcefulness of libraries, the people who run them, and the communities they serve.  And what better way to celebrate this than through our 2018 Keynotes: thought leaders who are mapping paths to the future of library and information services.

Cultivating knowledge communities
Katherine Skinner, Executive Director, Educopia Institute, USA
Katherine Skinner is the Executive Director of the Educopia Institute, a US-based non-profit run by a small group of individuals with a passion for building communities, connecting like-minded people, and using collective action to advance libraries, archives, museums, and publishers. Katherine will share stories about how impact becomes magnified when institutions band together – and she’ll dare us all to align our actions to make system-level changes that favour knowledge and memory.

Fantastic future? Predicting promise and peril
Martin Hamilton, Futurist, Jisc, UK
Martin Hamilton is resident futurist at Jisc, the organisation that provides digital solutions for UK education and research. His job is to keep an eye open for emerging trends and new technologies, and see what can be done to exploit and embrace them – or to mitigate against them. Martin will be taking an in-depth look at some of the major trends in digital technology - including AI, blockchain, data driven decision-making, and open research practice. How will they impact our customers, our organisations and the work we do? And what’s emerging from the research lab that will change how we work in the future?

ILI’s full conference and activity programme is available here.

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