ILI's 20th birthday programme picks

Internet Librarians – the power to make a difference.

ILI’s Programme Director, Val Skelton (right), shares her programme picks …

For 20 years ILI has been showcasing the innovative nature of librarians. This year we asked people to help us celebrate the role, range and reach of libraries and librarians around the world.  The 2018 programme reflects the many ways in which librarians are making a positive impact on the lives of others. Here are just a few highlights of this year’s ILI programme:

  • Future focused innovation – everything you need to know about AI, machine learning and robots and their potential impact on libraries
    Libraries, inclusion and inspiration – from building reading communities and creating digital libraries for all to helping refugees share their stories, librarians are encouraging open and diverse societies
  • Tools for digital inductions – a one-hour workshop
  • Research data management roles in the real world – from award winning data management engagement ideas to linking research data with Wikimedia
  • Loud libraries – great case studies and experiences of marketing libraries, from crowdsourcing exhibitions, hosting live music, podcasting, journalism and community relations.  Plus, we’ll be hosting our very own episode of the Librarians with Lives podcast
  • Blockchain for blockheads – learn how the blockchain has the potential to transform the exchange of information
  • Next-gen search skills – staying ahead with search tech, tools and techniques
  • The wonderful world of web archiving – a great international panel discusses international collaborations involving national libraries, university libraries, research centres, and audio-visual institutes
  • New scholarly communications – hear how libraries are supporting 21st century scholarship
  • Using digital content to create interactive fiction/games – great ways to open up content and collections

But don’t take my word for it – take the time to review the full conference programme and plan your own path through this year’s ILI. 

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