Short on time? ILI's interactive one-day workshops

If you’re short on time then ILI’s one-day workshops will bring you quickly up to speed on the latest in search or marketing your library services. All workshops take place at Olympia London on Monday 15 October, the day before IL’s main conference.

Monday 15 October - 
10.00 - 17.00 - Search Skills Academy 2018
Bring yourself right up to date with the latest in search changes, develop your search skills, and learn about faster, better resources. Led by three of the industry’s most experienced super searchers, Search Skills Academy sets out how to be a better searcher and how to teach good search practice, and includes hands-on search exercises, intriguing research questions, illustrative strategies, demonstrations, and practical examples of search skills. Read more.
Workshop leaders - Phil Bradley, Marydee Ojala, Arthur Weiss

Monday 15 October - 
10.00 - 17.00 - Marketing your library service: principles and actions
This interactive workshop breaks library marketing down into manageable chunks, free of jargon and gimmicks, to help you tie your library promotion together into effective marketing campaigns. Everything in the workshop is designed to be applicable right away, whether you want to better communicate the value of a particular service, or to market your entire library. Delegates receive a template marketing campaign document to work on in the session and to take back to your own institution to develop. Read here
Workshop leader - Ned Potter

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