ILI's Keynotes - inspiring innovation, collaboration, and change

Speaking to our focus on INNOVATION, COLLABORATION and CHANGE, ILI is proud to host a line-up of powerful, inspirational Keynoters this year.

Yvonne Campfens discusses Create, innovate, collaborate: learning from start-ups in her opening keynote to ILI on Tuesday 15 October. With extensive experience of advising starts-ups in the scholarly communications ecosystem, Yvonne draws on examples of how innovation and collaboration can happen across different information sectors, and encourages us all to accelerate innovation through collaboration.


Kajal Odedra is Executive Director of, and the author of Do Something: Activism for Everyone. is dedicated to empowering and mobilising people around the world to effect change.

In her Keynote to ILI, Harnessing the Power of Communities, on Wednesday 14 October Kajal talks about engaging hearts and minds, and how the power of communities can bring about collaborative change.


Silvia Modig has been a journalist, TV and radio host. She spent eight years in the Finnish Parliament, and is now a Member of the European Parliament. She is also a librarian.

In her closing Keynote to ILI – Libraries in Finland – a good news story - Silvia describes how much Finland (a country that rates its libraries second only to drinking water) loves its libraries, and considers what lessons we can all learn from this approach.

ILI's full agenda is available here.



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