Internet Librarian International 2007

New Realities, Roles and Resources
Internet Librarian International 2007

8-9 October 2007 • Copthorne Tara Hotel, London
Conference Overview

Welcome to the ninth annual Internet Librarian International—the only international conference to focus clearly and intensively on information professionals and their use of the internet as a vital research and workplace tool.

All of us involved in organising the conference this year are delighted you’re here. The new realities faced by information professionals in a 2.0 world reflect the upheaval in the profession and in the world of electronic information. New resources crop up every day and new technologies require rethinking the role of an internet librarian.

Please take advantage of your attendance at Internet Librarian International to learn from the excellent speakers gathered here, to network with fellow delegates and gain insights from their knowledge and experience, and to visit our sponsors to understand their products and new services.

I would personally like to thank the advisory committee for their help throughout the conference planning process.

Marydee Ojala
Conference Co-Chair

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Coffee breaks will be held in the Shannon Suite Foyer and lunch in The Brasserie. Coffee breaks and lunch are included in the delegate fees.
Evening Reception
An evening reception will be held on Monday 8 October from 17.00 – 18.15 in the Shannon Foyer. Information Today, Inc. invites all conference delegates, speakers and sponsors to join us in celebrating the 9th year of the conference, providing a further opportunity to network with your colleagues from around the world.
Networking Dinners
Join an informal group of conference delegates and speakers for dinner at a neighbourhood restaurant on Sunday evening. You may sign up for a dinner group online (below), or at the message boards near the conference registration desk. (Everyone pays their own bill; restaurants will be moderately priced.)
CLICK HERE to sign up for a networking dinner online.
Table Topics and Delegate Lunches
Lunch is included as part of your conference registration. Each day several speakers will act as table hosts so you can continue your learning process by talking with them about their work.

Programme Chairs
Marydee Ojala, Editor, ONLINE Magazine (USA)
David Raitt,
Editor, The Electronic Library (The Netherlands)

Advisory Committee
Cokie Anderson, Oklahoma State University (USA)
Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services (UK)
Susanne Buus Pedersen, Copenhagen City Library (Denmark)
Martie van Deventer, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa)
Brian Kelly,
Rajen Munoo, National Library Board (Singapore)
Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates (Canada)
Michael Stephens, Dominican University & Tame The Web (USA)
Elspeth Hyams, CILIP (UK)

Conference Management
Richard T. Kaser, VP of Content, Information Today, Inc. (USA)
Jean Mulligan, Manager, Information Today Ltd. (UK)


A Visionary Opening Keynote
Next Generation Libraries: The 2.0 Phenomenon
Stephen Abram, President-Elect, SLA and SIrsiDynix (Canada)

There is a global conversation going on right now about the next generation of the web and the next generation of users. It’s happening under the name of Web 2.0. It’s where true human interaction takes precedence over merely ‘cool’ information delivery and e-mail. It’s about putting information into the real context of our users’ lives, work and play. Concurrently, there’s another big conversation about the vision for what Library 2.0 might look like in this Web 2.0 ecosystem. What are the skills and competencies that Library 2.0 will need? Come and hear what Web 2.0 is and what adaptations we’ll need to make to thrive in the future. Are we focusing on the real end-user’s needs? Are we preparing our learners for the world that will be, or the one that was? The Millennials and the post-Millennials are different, very different. What can we do to prepare our users and learners for this new world? Stephen Abram, a library futurist, will run us through the changes being wrought by Google, the Millennials and 2.0.
An Exciting Closing Keynote
Facing the Challenge of Web 2.0 as a Disruptive Technology
Phil Bradley, Internet Trainer and Web Designer, SearchEngine Land (UK)

In a very few years the notion of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 have become embedded in the consciousness of internet librarians. We listen to our colleagues and co-workers extol the virtues of new technologies, as they embrace IM, blogs, wikis, virtual worlds, web search and user-generated content. Less recognised are the challenges presented by Web 2.0 as a disruptive, possibly even destructive, technology. The internet enabled people with no information skills or training to do the kinds of things traditionally in the library’s domain. Now Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 even more fundamentally change the landscape for information professionals. It really is a very different place for information professionals, and we need to be prepared to face these challenges so we can thrive, not merely survive.

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