Frea Haandrikman

Faculty Liaison Librarian
Erasmus University, Netherlands

Picture of Frea HaandrikmanFrea Haandrikman is a Faculty Liaison Librarian at Erasmus University Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. She began her professional career as a researcher at the same university, investigating the possibilities of businesses to positively impact their environment. After getting a taste for adventure during field research abroad, she decided to move to Turkey. In Istanbul she worked at MEF University and taught classes in Sustainable Development. During the creation and teaching of this course she was reminded of the importance of information skills in higher education. When she moved back to The Netherlands the University Library offered her a position where she could combine her love for research and education. As a Faculty Liaison she is always looking for needs that aren't being met, for ways to connect Library services to students and staff, and for new approaches to help people gain skills to conduct their research confidently. 

Internet Librarian International 2019