Jo Wood

Knowledge and Evidence Specialist
Public Health England, UK

Picture of Jo WoodJo Wood has been working in libraries since 2003 and has recently joined Public Health England. She qualified in 2006 via the distance learning route at Aberystwyth University, Chartered in 2008 and has successfully undergone three cycles of Revalidation. Jo is currently pursuing Fellowship, is a Chartership mentor and is the Social Media Manager on the CILIP in London Committee. Jo is also on the ALISS committee.
In 2017 Jo started the Librarians with Lives podcast, in which she interviews information professionals about their careers, CPD activities, frustrations, achievements and what they'd change if they were in charge of the profession for a day. Twenty-four episodes have been released so far, featuring current and former information professionals across the full spectrum of sectors, across the globe, and at very different stages in their careers. The podcast is available via iTunes and SoundCloud and show notes to accompany each episode are available on the Librarians with Lives blog. As well as the standard episodes, the podcast has spawned a virtual running group for information professionals called #Libraruns. From extremely humble origins as a CPD experiment to tie in with Jo’s CILIP fellowship portfolio, Librarians with Lives now has a global following, with listeners in 49 countries.
Away from libraries, Jo is a mother of twins, a keen albeit awkward runner and completed her first ultramarathon in 2017.

Internet Librarian International 2018