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Nina Watts

Repository and Open Access Manager
University of Westminster, UK

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Nina Watts is the Repository and Open Access Manager in the Research and Scholarly Communications Team at the University of Westminster. As part of her MSc in Library and Information Studies in 2005, Nina based her dissertation on implementing an institutional repository. During this time she worked as a ‘Casual Library Assistant’, on the library counter, whilst populating the newly installed EPrints institutional repository at Westminster. Once qualified, she worked as an Academic Liaison Librarian managing the repository alongside other duties she just couldn’t say no to, including evaluating and implementing RefWorks, giving subject support to Complementary Therapies for three months, cataloguing, and organising research outputs in the RAE2008 and REF2014 submissions. During this time Nina was also instrumental in the University implementing doctoral thesis and institutional open access mandates. Nina’s current role as Repository and Open Access Manager has focussed specifically on managing the repository and providing support for open access. She has worked closely with colleagues and developers on implementation of a new repository system which far better suits more traditional outputs alongside the practice-based research, which the University is noted for. She has provided additional support through workshops and providing face to face support on all four campuses.


Internet Librarian International 2019