Susan DeMasi

Media Librarian; Professor of Library Services
Suffolk County Community College, New York, USA

Susan DeMasi is a professor of library services at Suffolk County Community College in New York, where she serves as the media librarian for the Michael J. Grant Campus. Her book, Henry Alsberg: The Driving Force of the New Deal Federal Writers’ Project, was published by McFarland & 2016. She has presented on the topic of the New Deal at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Museum, the University of California at Berkeley and at various libraries and universities in New York. She serves as a National Associate for the Living New Deal, an educational and advocacy group at UC Berkeley. Her play, Ten Thousand Stories, utilizing oral histories of ex-slaves and immigrants, was produced for radio and stage, with the former starring Simon Jones. As a freelance writer, she has written for The New York Times, CHOICE Magazine, and other publications. She is an active member of college committees which focus on social justice issues, working closely with the college photographer, Victoria Pendzick, to produce materials and displays to help educate students on issues such as diversity, gender, and inclusion.

Internet Librarian International 2019