Victoria Pendzick

Library Media Services/College photographer
Suffolk County Community College, New York, USA

Victoria Pendzick's career as a photographer has led her to work for companies such as Revlon and institutions like Suffolk County Community College. Since 2009 she has been head photographer in Library Media Services at Suffolk County Community College, taking pictures for advertising, faculty and student events. Her skillset also includes, but isn’t limited to, teaching, recommending pertinent technology initiatives, producing library displays and materials, and managing the college's extensive image database. She is an active member of college committees which focus on social justice issues, working closely with the media librarian to produce materials and displays to help educate students on issues such as diversity, gender, and inclusion. Victoria Pendzick has been a professional and award-winning photographer for over ten years. Her photographs have been displayed and highlighted at various galleries and museums in New York and California, and have been published in various magazines and in a book written by her collaborator Susan DeMasi. She grew up on Long Island, New York and attended Pratt Institute in NYC, later receiving her master’s degree at Long Island University in Westbury, NY. She specializes in photographs of many different physical and architectural forms, some being man made and some formed in nature. In her artwork she captures a view of environments, creating photographs that not only tell a story but also have an intimate quality to a sense of place.

Internet Librarian International 2019