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Eric Kokke

Marketing Manager
GO | School for Information, Netherlands
KNVI board member

Picture of Eric KokkeEric Kokke entered the world of Information in 2003 as an Education/Marketing Manager for an educational institute specialised in archiving, information retrieval and document management. From the start, he had a keen interest in digitisation of information and sharing the importance of this skill with information specialists. In 2013 he joined GO | School for Information, a leading educational institute for information related courses in the Netherlands. For close to 70 years, GO | School for Information develops courses to train and educate information professionals for the future. Outside theNetherlands GO | School for Information is active in the Dutch Caribbean, Belgium and India.

Mr. Kokke also serves as editor for the magazines Od (Governmental Information) and IP (Information Professional) and is also active on several professional organisations such as the KNVI (Royal Dutch Association of Information Professionals - Board Member) and the Innovation Council for Dutch Libraries.

In 2015 en 2018 Eric Kokke acted as creative director for two well received documentaries on Information Services ‘Alles is informatie' (Information is everything') and ‘Toegang!' (English title is ‘Acces!', available with English subtitles on Vimeo via




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