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Meet ILI's Day Two Keynote, David White

26 July 2017

David White photoExpertise in an era of easy answers
David White, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of the Arts, London, UK

Abundant online information provides easy answers to easy questions. Unfortunately it can also provide easy answers to complex questions, potentially eroding our ability to interrogate, evaluate and synthesise sources. In his ILI Day Two Keynote, David White will explore the role libraries can play in countering the ‘think-less find-more’ mentality encouraged by the Web and the corresponding mistrust of ‘experts’. In a time when we can Google our way to almost any answer, access to content has become less important than access to people who understand what that content means and where to head next.

David White is Head of Digital Learning in the Teaching and Learning Exchange at the University of the Arts, London, researching online learning practices in informal and formal contexts. David has led and been an expert consultant on numerous studies of the use of technology for learning in the UK higher education sector, and is the originator of the ‘Visitors and Residents’ paradigm which describes how individuals engage with the Web. 

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