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Two of the librarian's most important superpowers

15 August 2017

This October, ILI is celebrating the breadth of roles, skills and initiatives librarians are involved in around the world – from leading organisational change to cutting edge marketing; from space and service redesign to content creation and curation. Throughout ILI we explore two of the librarian’s most important superpowers:

Super searching - the ability to use advanced search techniques to find the most relevant, timely and impactful information for our communities.

Information integrity – the librarian’s role in fostering and nurturing information literacy and source evaluation in a post-truth/multi-truth era.

How do we respond when our users tell us everything is available for free and easy to find on the internet? How do we encourage them to go beyond Google? How can we help our users become digitally literate citizens and learners? We must ensure that our own search and evaluation skills are as honed and as up-to-date as possible. We must understand how and why people are looking for information and we must provide them with guidance and support to help them develop their own search and evaluation skills.

Fight the fake - programme highlights include:

  • A202 – The post-fact landscape - an invited international expert panel discusses the fake news phenomenon and explores implications for the internet librarian
  • A103 – Empowering the digital citizen - a session exploring the role of librarians in nurturing and empowering the digital citizen
  • A204 – Teaching students about information integrity - exploring how to develop information integrity in students

Find the facts - programme highlights include:

  • Websearch Academy 2017 – a pre-conference workshop exploring the intricacies of research on the web and lead by international experts
  • A201 –  Super search skills - a mini-keynote exploring new and changed search features to help the internet librarian keep their super search skills refreshed
  • A203 – Experiments in search and discoverability - two case studies from academic libraries seeking to improve search and discovery

Read the full programme here

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