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Kenn Bicknell

Manager, Policy Research & Library Services
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, USA

Picture of Kenn BicknellKenn Bicknell is Digital Resources Librarian for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Library & Archive (USA), where he oversees web content, strategic initiatives, innovative collaborations, and more than a dozen social media properties for the largest transit-operator transportation library in the United States.

He was selected as a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2013, identified as one of the top 50 most innovative information professionals in the United States.

Kenn has been a featured speaker at several conferences in the United States, including Internet Librarian, Computers in Libraries, and the Special Library Association, where he has twice been awarded the Transportation Division’s Innovation Award.  He has also been the featured or keynote speaker at conferences of the Society of California Archivists, the California Library Association, and the Texas Library Association, and is the recipient of the 2016 HistoryIT American Association for State and Local History Annual Meeting Scholarship for Digital Thinking.

His international speaking engagements include: Internet Librarian International (in addition to serving on its Advisory Board); addresses to the National Library of Norway and the University of Oslo library instruction programme; a featured speaking engagement to the librarians of the European Commission in Brussels and satellite offices in Italy and Luxembourg; the VALA: Libraries, Technology and the Future biennial conference in Melbourne, Australia; talks at SLA Australia / New Zealand Chapter in Melbourne; and a joint meeting of SLA ANZ and the Library and Information Association of New Zealand in Auckland.

Kenn distills developments from across the technology, business, journalism, and media landscapes in his assessment of new tools and resources to help libraries, archives and museums strengthen their community engagement, to think strategically, and to embrace innovation in order to remain not just relevant, but vital cornerstones of society.

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