Bite-sized ILI Programme

All sessions will take place on Zoom on Wednesday 11 May 2022.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Bite-sized Internet Librarian International


Latest Developments in Library Technology

02:00 PM2022-05-112022-05-11

Wednesday 11 May: 14.00 - 14.25

Long-term industry watcher and popular ILI speaker Marshall Breeding sums up the latest events and trends in the global library technology industry. Following the rounds of consolidation in recent years, technology products and strategies have evolved according to new priorities. Open source products are well-established and continue to have a major impact on the industry. How will developments in library technology affect librarians worldwide? This session gives a preview of the annual Library Systems Report to be published in May.


, Editor, Online Searcher


, Independent Consultant, Library Technology Guides, USA and Author


The Versatile Librarian of the 21st Century

02:25 PM2022-05-112022-05-11

Wednesday 11 May: 14.25 - 14.35

New techniques, new methods, new competencies. Being a librarian in the 21st century is not always an easy task. Expectations are high in an ever-changing world. But what are the game-changing competencies for the librarian of the future?


, Editor, Online Searcher


, Marketing Manager, GO | School for Information, Netherlands and KNVI board member


Look Here! Creating a Library Portal for Video Content

03:00 PM2022-05-112022-05-11

Wednesday 11 May: 15.00 - 15.45

The Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB) operates an open access platform on which scientific videos such as conference recordings, simulations, animations and visualised research data can be published free of charge. The service is available to all scientific disciplines, with a focus on TIB's central subjects of natural sciences and technical sciences. The aim of the TIB AV-Portal is the professional hosting, semantic indexing and publishing of scientific videos for research purposes. Join Sven Strobel as he explains the digital preservation, searchability and best practices for a reliable infrastructure of multimedia content.


, Global Librarian - Library & Leadership Consultant, Holmquist Consult


, Product Owner - TIB AV-Portal, TIB, National Library of Science & Technology, Germany


Information and Media Literacy: An Imperative for Today’s Information Ecosystem

04:00 PM2022-05-112022-05-11

Wednesday 11 May: 16.00 - 16.45

The abundance of misleading information surrounding political events, science and medicine has pushed the necessity of media and information literacy to the forefront of the international consciousness. The library profession has a stake in promoting literacy but the implications are much wider, affecting civil society worldwide. The relevancy of media and information literacy is inescapable. Jesus Lau, a renowned expert on information literacy and the recipient of numerous awards, puts the perils of misinformation and disinformation into perspective and describes initiatives to strengthen our ability to discern good information from bad. We all have a stake in this, join us.


, Editor, Online Searcher


, Co-chair, UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance, Veracruz University, Mexico

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